Good Morning, Earth

With first light comes clarity. We realize Nature surrounds us with environmental solutions. Horizontal reconnects human sleep to the materials and rhythms of the natural world. When night restores us, each day offers new possibilities.

Pillow Talk

From Bauhaus To Bed

For a time I lived in an apartment with no furniture. After paying rent, there was just enough money for food and some basics. For…

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Consuming Questions

Global temperature is rising quickly. Deserts are expanding. Polar ice caps and glaciers are melting fast. Record breaking fires burn on every continent except Antarctica.…

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Breaking Bed

Breaking with conventional bed and mattress design, we are introducing more demanding health and ecological standards that contradict the petrochemical-centric culture of the multi-billion dollar…

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Better Living Through Chemistry

Historians sometimes say, “The law of unintended consequences is the only law of history”. Before World War II supply chains for rubber and oil were…

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