For hotels, spas and clinics our B2B team’s expertise, creativity and international reach delivers outstanding turn key solutions to companies attuned to the health, wellness and environmental sensibilities of their guests. Horizontal transforms the guest/client sleeping experience into a memorable, rejuvenating event.

Operationally, our integrated bed/bed linen design reduces the amount of time staff spend preparing guest rooms, saving expense year in, year out. Because the lifespan of our product greatly exceeds other mattress brands, the cycle of replacement capital costs is extended. The ability to easily change out parts expands product life even further. When our product finally reaches the end of it’s commercial life, there are no eco-disposal fees to pay to municipal or state waste management authorities, because there is no waste; there’s nothing toxic and we take back our still valuable products!

Tell us about the dream you have in mind for your guests and clients. Horizontal will design and deliver your dream into reality.

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