Pillow Talk

Pillow Talk is a new and necessary conversation about sleeping health in the time of Climate Breakdown. Here, we examine ideas and advance solutions for a happy, humane, human future.

Our new blog begins with a question, Why Now? A collection of thirteen short stories that reveal why Horizontal has been created, how to design products for human life in the 21st century, and what social enterprises, and everyone, must do to respond to the greatest threat of our time.

Comments and sharing are wholeheartedly encouraged. Welcome to Pillow Talk.

From Bauhaus To Bed

For a time I lived in an apartment with no furniture. After paying rent, there was just enough money for food and some basics. For…

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Consuming Questions

Global temperature is rising quickly. Deserts are expanding. Polar ice caps and glaciers are melting fast. Record breaking fires burn on every continent except Antarctica.…

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Breaking Bed

Breaking with conventional bed and mattress design, we are introducing more demanding health and ecological standards that contradict the petrochemical-centric culture of the multi-billion dollar…

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